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Employment at 7N Ranch Resort

Company Values:


1. Carrots Before Whips:  At 7N Ranch Resort, we embrace a unique philosophy – pain and pleasure drive everything humans think, say, and do.We understand the delicate balance between motivation and discipline. Our approach is to dangle the carrot of rewards and possibilities before introducing the crack of the whip of accountability. This dual motivation strategy ensures that our team stays focused, driven, and consistently achieves remarkable results.

3. Take Charge of Your Life: "If you don't have a plan for your life, someone else does." At 7N Ranch Resort, we empower individuals to take control of their destinies. We encourage personal development, goal-setting, and strategic planning. Your journey is yours to map, and we provide the tools and support to help you navigate and succeed.

4. Continuous Improvement in Measurable Increments: "Constant improvement in measurable/achievable increments" is not just a phrase; it's a commitment to excellence. We believe that small, measurable steps lead to significant progress. Through data-driven decision-making and a focus on achievable goals, we ensure that every day brings us closer to our collective vision of success.

5. Mindset Matters: "If you believe you can or can't, you're right." Our success is grounded in the power of mindset. We cultivate a positive and growth-oriented mentality among our team. By fostering a belief in one's capabilities, we unleash the potential for innovation, resilience, and continuous learning.

6. Seize the Carp: "Seize the carp and help someone every day; they'll both make you happy." We not only celebrate personal victories but also find joy in helping others succeed. Whether it's seizing opportunities or lending a hand, both actions contribute to a culture of shared success and fulfillment. Each day we get is a gift, and a day without helping others is a day wasted. 

Open Positions

How to Apply:



Barista/Bar Tender

Tubing Hill Operator (winter)
Waitstaff/Social Media Intern



Please email your resume and cover letter to

Let’s Work Together

Please reach out if you'd like to be considered for employment at 7N Ranch.

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