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History of 7N Ranch

From Conservation Camp to Farm to Guest Ranch: The Story of 7N

Pre-1930: A Harvest Haven for Potatoes and Grain

In the era preceding 1930, our sprawling landscape served as a fertile farmland, cultivating potatoes and grains that sustained the local community and showcased the agricultural abundance of the region.

1936: The Civilian Conservation Corps Era

The 1930s brought a transformative period with the establishment of a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp on our grounds. During this time, the CCC constructed our historic ranger station, an enduring testament to their dedication to environmental stewardship and community development.

1942: Resuming the Farming Legacy

With the closure of the CCC camp in 1942, the property returned to its roots as a working farm, continuing its legacy of contributing to the agricultural prosperity of the region.

1960: The Newby Family Legacy Begins

In 1960, the Newby family, headed by Marvin and Clara Newby, purchased the property. The Newbys, along with their five children – Vernon, Vera, Marvin Jr., George, and Ginger – became the heart and soul of what would later be known as the 7N Ranch. Together, they embodied the 7 "n's" of our ranch.

1988: Passing of a Patriarch

The passing of Marvin Newby in 1988 marked a turning point. George and his wife, Tennessee, took up the mantle, ensuring the family's commitment to the land and its future.

1991: 7N Ranch Resort Emerges

In 1991, the 7N Ranch Resort opened its doors, inviting guests to experience the beauty and tranquility of our historic property. Camping enthusiasts found a haven in the embrace of nature.

1992: Swing into Action at the Driving Range

The following year witnessed the opening of our driving range, providing golf enthusiasts with a picturesque setting to practice their swing against the backdrop of our scenic landscape.

1993: Mini Golf Magic

Mini golf enthusiasts rejoiced in 1993 as 7N Ranch unveiled its charming mini golf course, adding a playful and family-friendly dimension to our diverse offerings.

1997: Navigating Through Adversity

In 1997, the 7N Ranch faced a formidable challenge with a flood that tested the resilience of both the land and its caretakers.

2015: Tubing Thrills on the Hill

Embracing the spirit of adventure, 2015 marked the opening of our tubing hill, offering guests an exhilarating experience as they slid down the slopes, surrounded by the natural beauty of 7N Ranch.

Present Day: A Tapestry of Heritage and Recreation

Today, 7N Ranch stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Newby family and the rich history woven into every acre. We invite you to explore, celebrate, and create your own memories amidst the storied landscape of 7N Ranch.

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